Picture Credit- Aarthi N

Patients needing dialysis, chemo face a difficult situation

Hospitals change their schedules; private ones offer home service only for some categories. Aarthi N Chennai: Patients who need dialysis or chemotherapy are finding it difficult to stick to prescribed schedules. Reasons: Police stop them and there is no transport.  Bhuvana (name changed), 46, has been undergoing dialysis thrice a week for the past three […]

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Picture Credit_ Chirag Dutta-2

Using fake IDs to beat the lockdown

In Kolkata, people attach fake stickers to windshields, raising the danger of community transmission By Chirag Datta Kolkata: India is in the midst of a public-health crisis and the most comprehensive lockdown ever, yet people are using fake identifications to freely move around Kolkata. In so doing, they not only endanger public health but waste […]

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Picture Credit- Aman Bhardwaj

Indian nationals in Kuwait cry out for help

Kuwait’s government gave time till April 30 for the evacuation of immigrants staying on expired visas, but Indians can return only after lockdown is lifted. Adilin Beatrice C Indian nationals stranded in Kuwait feel dejected as, they claim, the Indian government has taken no step so far to bring them back. Most of the migrants […]

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Tamil Nadu’s folk art suffers amidst lockdown

Artistes’ source of income has dried up, and they don’t know how to put up performances on digital platforms. Shoby Krishna G Sivakasi: Artistes performing various folk forms in Tamil Nadu are distressed at the loss of their livelihood due to lockdown imposed to curb Covid-19 spread. G Balakrishnan, from a village called Kallamanayakkarpatti near […]

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Pakistanis stuck in India yearn for home

Around 188 Pakistanis are stranded in various parts of India due to the lockdown over COVID-19. Some have returned home via the Attari-Wagah border.  Sheikh Saquib Pakistani nationals who were visiting friends in India or had come for pilgrimage and medical check-ups are stuck here due to the ongoing lockdown. India is, however, helping them […]

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Smoke and Mirrors around India’s ban on tobacco

With the new set of guidelines for Lockdown 2.0 ushered in yesterday, nothing specifically mentioned around production of cigarettes. Riddhiman Roy Kolkata: Smokers from all over the country are still stuck in a dilemma between quitting cigarettes altogether and hoarding a large amount of cigarettes, as the government-issued guidelines for Lockdown 2.0 does not carry […]

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Layoffs: A Bigger Catastrophe than COVID-19?

Rise in concerns over job security among recruited students in the country amidst the corona crisis. Arti Peethambaran Bangalore, April 16, 2020  Students recruited in campus placements have been struck by the threat of layoffs amid the Coronavirus crisis. Usually, most business schools run campus placements every year between December and April. But now, COVID-19has […]

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