Monday, June 05, 2023


Challenges of Banking in Rural Karnataka

In the era of online transactions, there are many villages in India which still face problems with the basic facilities provided by the banks. Villages in northern Karnataka are no such exception to this. Savanur a taluk in Haveri district consists of 63 villages. They are nowhere near to achieving and providing these basic amenities […]


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A Glimpse into the Life of a Handicraft Artisan

We might have started living our lives normally but it’s still a long way for the artisans Channapatna: “I started making toys with my father during the school time only but I will not teach the art of making these toys to my kids,” said Jaffar Khan, 34, a toy-making artisan while giving a final touch […]

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Oh! I thought it is supposed to be free.

Graffiti artists in India struggle due to the pandemic Kartikey Sharma another artist who is from Pune but has worked in Bangalore with collaboration with Sneha Chakraborty and wicked Broz.He says doing graffiti as a passion in India is not feasible because at the end of the day the artist has to earn money to […]

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Apart from hearts, BTS takes over brains and stomachs

BTS helps fans a.k.a ARMY overcome eating disorders and focus on studies. Empty dishes of food lie around the table. The daal in the bowl has almost dried up, the laptop still continues to play “ON”, a song by BTS. As the pages of the book flip due to the wind, Sreya and Sania share […]

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Creators of Madhubani paintings struggle as demand dries up

Some earn more working as domestic help Bihar: Maithili artists, the makers of the world-famous Madhubani paintings, are struggling to survive as their only source of income – the sale of artefacts – has decreased during the pandemic. “Art is taught to us from childhood and it’s an heirloom,” said Kanak Jha, a Maithili artist. “We […]


Cold storages cutting down on farmer’s profit

Byadagi has about 30 cold storages all of which are privately maintained mostly by chilli merchants. Despite being the second largest chilli market in the country, it lacks government-run cold storages in the taluk. The very mention of Byadagi brings images of the famed chilli variety, known for its colour, flavour, taste and low pungency […]

MGNREGA losing its importance among rural population

 Lack of knowledge to avail the benefits and get wages on time decreasing the popularity of MGNREGA, say workers. The unemployed people in rural India got some relief due to the jobs generated under MGNREGA scheme at the time of pandemic. Although the scheme  generated work for the  unemployed unskilled laborers, it was not however […]

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