Sunday, January 24, 2021


All Creatures, Great and Small

People are right to be fearful about their livelihoods during the lockdown, but spare a thought for our stray friends By Yumna Ahmed In the past few days, we have heard news about people being attacked for feeding or rescuing animals in the midst of the Covid19 lockdown. Not only are the critics misguided in […]

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The Family that Came to Stay

Parasite is a South Korean take on class war, writes Ankita Mukherjee A parasite is an organism that lives off the body of another species and either maintains a symbiotic relationship with the host or ultimately kills it and moves on to another. In director Bong Joon-ho’s Academy Award-winning film Parasite, a poor family from […]

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Making Women Visible

Ankita Mukherjee profiles a unique platform that seeks to empower women artists from around the world “Art is still considered a male-dominated industry,” says Chhavi Singh, founder of DailyDesignist (DD), an online, global art platform that promotes women artists and  showcases their paintings on its online art gallery. “Few women artists have their works showcased […]

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Thin End of the Wedge

The Citizenship Act amendment is a calculated first step to make all non-Hindus second-class citizens of their own country By Tamanna Yasmin If anyone harboured doubts about the true intent behind the enactment of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, they should have been laid to rest by the murderous attacks on peaceful Muslim protestors that left […]

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Clueless in Kolkata

Ekta Kapoor’s latest offering will test the patience of even her most ardent fans, says Nikita Gupta Set in the 1960s and 70s, It Happened in Calcutta is the love story of Ronobir, a flamboyant and vain playboy, and Kusum, a sweet, simple, girl next door. With a dream of becoming Kolkata’s first female doctor, […]


Newspaper vendors hit due to the circulation dip

Fear of possible COVID-19 transmission via newspapers has amounted to a drop in newspaper circulation figures. Shivani Mishra April 17, 2020 Sashi Mandya, a newspaper vendor said, “Initially it started with one or two dropping off the list. Seeing each other almost all of them—almost 80 per cent have asked me not to deliver the […]

RBI announces the second set of measures to help banks and NBFCs

A reduction in reverse repo rate, Targeted Long-Term Repo operation (TLTRO) 2.0, are among efforts to increase liquidity. By Vivek Kumar M Keeping up with the expectations of Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) and Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), announced several liquidity measures to ensure their healthy functioning amid the COVID-19 […]