Karnataka rainfall worries grape farmers

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Karnataka is expected to receive scattered rainfall for next 4-5 days.

By Anushka Sharma

Benagluru: After the Meteorological Department predicted unseasonal rainfall in the state, grape farmers are worried for their produce.

During the season of harvest, the Horticulture Department said, that the crops are heavily affected because of rainfall. In 2013 the farmers had lost 85 percent of their crops due to unseasonal rainfall.

C.S.Patil,aresearch scientist at the Meteorological Department, , said that regions of southern interior Karnataka and some parts of North Karnataka will receive rainfall and that coastal Karnataka may also experience rainfall for the next 4-5 days. He added, “This is due to the combined effect of change in humidity and other skeptical conditions in weather.”

The weather forecast has alarmed the grape framers of North Karnataka. S.T. Melagiri, a farmer from Bijapur  district said, “Majority of farmers who have grown grapes in our region will face nearly 60 per cent loss. As we grow 12-15 tons of grapes per acre, we face nearly Rs. 3.5-4 lakhs loss, if it rains.”

The Horticulture Department of Karnataka pointed out that the cost grapes can be affected in case the unseasonal rainfall leads to crop failure. K.G. Venkatesh, In-charge of grapes marketing, at Horticultural Producers Co-operative Marketing and Processing Society (HOPCOMS)’ Horticulture Department said, “If it rains, the production quality will decrease and price of grapes will increase.”


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