Police foil escape attempt by murder accused

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DJ Halli police fired at rowdy-sheeter and murder accused Younis, earlier today.

Younis Bhatti Ahmad—arrested in the murder of rowdy sheeter Amjad two days ago, has been hospitalized after being shot by the police this morning.

Earlier today, police officials took the accused Younis to the spot where Amjad was murdered to seize the murder weapons. The accused then allegedly assaulted the police personnel and tried to escape. When he refused to surrender even after a warning shot in the air by Inspector Keshav Murthy, he was shot on the knees and then taken into custody. Both Younis and the injured police personnel were immediately taken to a private hospital nearby.

DCP Sharanappa said, “Amjad was killed two days ago and 11, including Younis, Karthik, Sanman alias Setu and Sayyad Munaavari alias Appu were arrested in connection with the case. Old enmity between Younis and Amjad was the reason for the murder.”

“Younis was the brother-in-law of Indris, another rowdy-sheeter who was murdered before. Both of them, along with Amjad, were part of the same gang. However, their relationship turned sour after a fight between Amjad and Indris, which resulted in Amjad killi Indris. The hacking of Amjad two days ago was a revenge for the previous murder,” police said. The police also revealed that Younis’s companions had assaulted Sub-Inspector Nayaz previously.


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