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Biomedical waste: An unseen threat

Unregulated biomedical waste contributes to rising environmental hazards, say experts. Citizens demand biomedical waste management plants be relocated outside municipal borders. Gayatri finds herself in a state of confusion as she notices that the regulation of biomedical waste treatment is being violated at hospitals. “If we want to find out the real truth about biomedical […]

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Who let the dogs out?

Rabies, a preventable yet fatal disease is still a problem, with dogs being the leading cause of human rabies deaths, accounting for up to 99 percent of all human rabies transmissions. For the first time in six months, Bengaluru Urban area resident Hanumanth Raya went for a morning walk, but what he found instead of […]

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Oh! I thought it is supposed to be free.

Graffiti artists in India struggle due to the pandemic Kartikey Sharma another artist who is from Pune but has worked in Bangalore with collaboration with Sneha Chakraborty and wicked Broz.He says doing graffiti as a passion in India is not feasible because at the end of the day the artist has to earn money to […]

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Cyber spaces too, are not safe for your health

Lack of friendly cyber spaces causes poor health for the cyber bullied Attempting to do justice to her morning routine, Vijayalakshmi* woke up and went ahead to make her morning coffee. She set a resolution last night to reduce her screen time and instead focus on her own well-being from today. As she proceeded to […]

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Pharmacy sector lacks regulation of Melatonin

Melatonin is not an over-the-counter drug and is still being sold on e-commerce platforms and a few pharmacies without prescriptions. The number of people facing anxiety issues and mental health problems has  increased substantially in the past two to three years. Psychologists say that the pandemic took a toll on many people and some were unable to […]


Stuck in a loop of problems, MSMEs suffer

Liquidity crunch and lack of access to formal credit hamper the growth of MSMEs in Karnataka The smell of the fumes and whirring sound of machines can be constantly felt as one walks on the streets of Bengaluru’s industrial areas. Lines of buildings across the streets stand tall housing big machines, multiple metal bars, aluminium […]

No Formal Credit for the Informal Sector

The informal sector is the backbone of India’s working economy. An informal economy is one that is neither taxed nor monitored by any form of government. The Indian economy is characterized by the existence of a vast majority of informal or unorganized labour employment. Around 93% of India’s economy and about 50 percent of the […]


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