Lockdown—not so ‘locked’ in India

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Despite the imposition of nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, people are violating it by roaming on the roads without face masks or any specific reason.

Reported by Shreyas Vange

Friday, 17 April 2020Pune: Even after the imposition of lockdown in the country, many people have been seen flouting the guidelines, as they are frequently going outside their houses without any important reason.

Aditya Deshpande, a resident of Laxmi nagar, Pune, said, “I drive my vehicle frequently to buy soft drinks, chips etc. But once the police had caught me and warned me against driving till the end of lockdown.” He also said that the police immediately took his vehicle keys and the vehicle into custody.

There have been several lockdown violations in the country, like not maintaining social distancing, not wearing masks while being outside, going outside just for leisure, etc. 

Telangana has reported 2.26 lakh cases of lockdown violations, along with 1.14 lakh cases in Tamil Nadu , 42,000 in Maharashtra, 37,000 cases in Uttar Pradesh, 7373 in Haryana, 6,574 in Uttarakhand  and 5,103 violation cases in Delhi.

Prasad Akkanouru, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Pune, said, “Many people living in slums do not have the knowledge of the lockdown and the need for it to be imposed. They violate it by not maintaining social distancing, and going outside without any specific reason. Hence, we have decided to increase the number of barricades on the streets and to make effective use of drone cameras to monitor the situation.”

Recently, the lockdown period has been extended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi till May 3. 


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