Indore:Bank employees are at risk

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Several banks in Indore are not following the circular guidelines issued by the city administration, which mandate more than 50 percent of the employees to work from home.

April 17, 2020

Anil Kumar Tiwari

On April 3, Manish Singh, Collector Indore met with representatives of Central bank of India (CBI), State Bank of India (SBI), and Union Bank of India (UBI), etc. and asked them to apply for work from home policy in their banks.

The order of the central government stated that the banks would remain open in the lockdown as they comes under essential services. However, the banks are supposed to re-arrange the seating positions of their employees so that maximum distance can be maintained among them.

A member of bank employee organization—We The Banker, said, “On average 3 to 5 employees work in each branch of the banks. All the employees are coming to the bank, though the roster system has been announced.”

The city administration’s notice stated that even if 3 to 5 employees are there in any branch, banks are allowed to call 50 percent of the total employees to work from the office. The rest of the employees shall work from home.

The notice was issued to encourage social distancing in banks. However, a large number of people are seen gathering outside the banks, which has become difficult for the banks to manage.

Kamla Kumari, a customer, said that she wanted to borrow some cash from the bank but a large number of people gather outside the bank every day, and social distance is not maintained.

Rahul Gautam, an executive manager in Indusland Bank said,“Banks should ensure high-speed internet connectivity to employees in their homes. In such a condition bank employees can work from home and social distancing can be maintained.”

Indore is one of the hotspots of the COVID-19 where 235 cases have been reported till April 17. To check the further spread of the virus, the city administration is ensuring social distancing in essential sectors.


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