Traffic Police department to intensify drive against drinking and driving by patrolling on week days


If you’re planning to drink and drive during the week, look out. The city traffic police are intensifying the drive against drinking and driving on weekdays.

Bangalore Traffic Police department is planning to increase their workforce, tighten patrolling in areas around pubs and bars with breath analyzers to detect more people driving under the influence of alcohol.  Bangalore witnessed 73, 741 ‘drink and drive’ cases, the highest in two years.

This year on 14 January, which was the weekend, traffic police booked 982 cases in one night. The number of such cases is increasing every day says Abhishek Goyal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic East division.

This year the police department is expecting to book more cases. In 2016, 59,028 cases of drink and drive were registered. This number increased by 25 percent in 2017. In December last year, 6,666 such cases were registered which increased by 57 percent in the month of December 2017.

Data for the month of December

“The reason behind the increase in ‘drink and drive’ cases is because of stringent law enforcement than the previous years by the traffic police department. Earlier strict patrolling took place only on the weekends but now we conduct special drives on weekdays as well. This is because we have witnessed such cases on regular days,” DCP Goyal.

“We are planning to put up a number of teams for patrolling and change the location of checkpoints to places where there are pubs and bars so that we can catch more people,” he added.

“There is always one police van guarding, outside our club to check nobody drives under the influence of alcohol. Most of the customers utilize the cab services after checking has begun on weekdays. We also have drivers who drop our customers in case of an emergency,” said Brijesh, Owner of The Biere Club.

People who visit pubs on regular basis say the police drive on weekdays has led to an increase in traffic. “Police drives on weekdays create unnecessary congestion on the roads. The motive behind the drive is understandable but checking every day is a hassle,” said Nanditha Shenoy, 22.

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