Start-ups turn to bloggers to market their products

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Several companies now choose to market their products and services through bloggers instead of turning to mainstream advertising media.

Companies and startups that deal with Fashion and Lifestyle now choose to market the products and services via bloggers rather than mainstream advertising media.

Bloggers in the city earn up to eight thousand for one Instagram post where they showcase products or services from a particular company.  Bloggers say it will soon become a big way to advertise for brands.

“I get paid very well and a lot of free goodies because I post the about the company on my Instagram. I get to see all their latest collection first and then showcase it on my Instagram account and later I see my followers pick up the same stuff which is beneficial for me and the company,” says Lifestyle blogger, Dhanya Rajkumar.

Companies also like the option of getting bloggers to advertise for them since they are all known to each other and they are influencers because of the large fan following that they have on their social media accounts.

Maude Abraham, owner of Get Gorgeous Salon states,“We call bloggers to our salon and then offer them free services to show what the company has to offer. They are more like influencers and with their heavy fan following on social media our marketing Is sorted. We get a lot of publicity for our salon without having to run around much and is a cheaper option.”

This trend is particularly the most effective for startups given the financial constraints that they have. It helps them reach out to a larger mass because of the fan following.

Companies also say that they do not have to always pay the bloggers to post content. It sometimes is a barter system where the blogger gets free services and company, their marketing.

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