Lost Hope of a Village


Medical posts vacant in Government hospital of Doranahalli Village 

By Mayuri Bora

Bengaluru, April 20, 2019

Health is one of the basic necessities in an individual’s life. But, large sections of rural Indian population are still being deprived of adequate health facilities like people of Doranahalli village.

People of Doranahalli village have lost all expectation on their solitary government hospital in their village as it lacks doctors, surgeons and basic facilities. Earlier the hospital was in the established in the middle of the village where the gram panchayat now holds its office. It was in a very deteriorating condition earlier, later the gram panchayat put a request proposal to the district officer, after which a new hospital was built one kilometer away from the village. Tough it is well built, but lacks basic facilities till date. The hospital comprise only two doctors a dentist and a medicine doctor who checks a total population of twelve-thousand five hundred and thirty-two people which is the strength of the village. A total number of ten posts are vacant in the hospital.

Sabina Begum, Medicine Doctor of the hospital said, “We have a many posts in this hospital which are vacant. Coming to doctor one anesthetist post, one gynecologist post and one Surgeon post is vacant. We had pediatrician post recently being filled up three days back on contract basis. Coming to medical attendant we have got six posts out of which three posts are still vacant and two pharmacist post out of which one is vacant. We have X-ray machine but we have no technician to run the machine, lab technician post is also vacant. We don’t have facility of ambulance; in fact we have driver but not the ambulance. From the past two years we have been sending the list of vacancies of our hospital to the authorities but we have got no positive response. I have heard that they are supposed to send one gynecologist on contract basis coming soon, hopefully they join us soon”


According to a report of the World Health Organisation (WHO), there is only one in five doctors in rural India who are qualifies to practice medicine. Government hospitals are never supposed to be closed, but this hospital in Doranahalli is an exception as most of the times the hospital remains closed.

Ayyamma who is eight month pregnant said, “I come here for my check up. But I won’t be able to deliver here as they don’t have surgeon here. It really causes trouble as we have to travel eighteen kilometers to the taluk hospital and while travelling we face a lot of jerking on the road which is not good for a pregnant lady. On top of that we are not even provided with the facility of ambulance”.

Residents of the village are unhappy with the functioning of the hospital. There are only six beds in the hospital for twelve-thousand five-hundred and thirty two people.

Mohammad Ali, President of Gram Panchayat said, “The building of gram panchayat was once the hospital. But, after our proposal to the district officer a new hospital was built a kilometer away far from the village. We have also requested the district officer, the MP’s and the M La’s to fill up the vacant post but, we have got no response and the posts are still vacant. It’s been five years that we are requesting them. The hospital has allotted driver to run the ambulance but, the hospital does not have ambulance which create great difficulties because most of the people here does not possess vehicles of their own. In time of emergencies it creates havoc”.

Raghu rearranging the medicines


Officials say that as it is a backward district nobody is ready to come to do practice doctor in rural area.

Dr. Usman, District Health Officer said, “In a backward district nobody is ready to come to do job. In my district there are twenty-five specialist posts vacant. Even in each taluk hospital there are twelve posts but only two posts are occupied and rest ten are vacant. These are government policy matter. As a district officer I cannot appoint anybody. We are giving paper to the authorities requesting to fill up the posts but, nobody is coming.


Expert says that people’s lack of awareness is one the biggest problem. Doctors of urban areas neglect their duties which they are bound to serve in rural areas. Though it is mandatory for an MBBS graduate to serve in a rural area for one year, this process is being compromised by many doctors. Keeping a stern check on the process and list of doctors who are to serve in rural area will help keep them bound to act accordingly. Filling up post on a contract basis in a hospital shall give bring more doctors to practice in rural areas.


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