Maski taluk witnesses rise in Infant Mortality Rate

Capstone Health Maski Taluk

The lack of public health centers in the Maski taluk is causing the rise of health issues and improper treatment of the patients for a long time now. 

By Sajeet Lakra

Maski taluk has around 18 villages but the lack of Public Health Centres (PHC) leads to the ignorance of the health of the patients. The patients tend to get treatment from the doctors only once a month. 

“Every month, on 9th Ante Neonatal Care (ANC) camp, is organized for the pregnant women in the PHCs of Maski and we see more than 75 cases per day”, says Basamma, the staff nurse of a PHC.

Currently, the infant mortality rate stands at 10 per 1000 live births according to data from the Maski Health office. Last year Maski saw two cases of neonatal deaths due to the non-availability of doctors and pediatricians in critical times.

Source:SRS Report

“Initially, we can’t save the infant because pediatrician is not available over here. We tried to put the maximum effort to save the child but it was in the last stage and that’s why we couldn’t save the baby”, says Dr. Nagaraj C, Chief Medical Officer, MBBS graduate and the only senior doctor of Maski PHC.

He added “In the PHC of Maski, I’m the only qualified doctor and the other one is the Batchelor of Medical Science qualified. We also have to attend general meetings, court meetings, and post mortem and that’s why we are unable to attend all the deliveries”.

“The hospital faces a shortage of staff as there is only one doctor. We have already requested the government that we need more staff for the hospital. In this budget, we are maintaining the building of the hospital. The problem is most of the doctors don’t want to shift to public service because they are earning more in private hospitals”, says Reddy Rayanagouda, Chief Officer, Tehsildar Municipal Council Maski.

Most of the patients below the poverty line depend on PHCs to get their medical facilities under Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY). “We organize an ANC camp under Pradhan Mantri van Dhan yojana, in which every pregnant woman gets registered by the Asha workers”, says Gadeppa, Junior Health officer. Asha workers spread awareness about childbirth and assist pregnant women during deliveries.

“9th of every month we contact every pregnant woman through Asha workers and we provide them free checkup under this scheme(PMMVY),” said Gangadhar Nayak, Senior Chief Health Officer.  HVCC and HIV checkups are done for free. Every pregnant woman is entitled to four free HB checkups. “It is very helpful for families, who are below the poverty line. A total of 80-100 women come every month for a checkup,” said Gangadhar Nayak.

“We are aware of the fact that most of the co-operative hospital is not accessible for the poor”, says Brinda Adhighe, a Women’s Rights Activist.

The activist added “We have seen that infant mortality is increasing and not decreasing despite the constant progress in science and technology. We also know that many of these government hospitals do not have the requisite staff or nurses and doctors. The government has not done much to fill the vacancies. The government needs to invest properly in the healthcare facilities to provide better treatment and facilities to the poor”.


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