Kids to get free football coaching in Bandepalya court


A multi-functional sports court in Bandepalya, which was inaugurated on November 2, will be home to football coaching for children in the area starting next week.

The court, which was built by ESPN in partnership with and Magic Bus, will help children in that area and neighborhood to play sports, in particular, football in a safe space. The court is the first of its kind in Asia, and was made in a budget of Rs 50 lakhs.

Geeta, the Training Monitor Officer of the court, said that 100 children had been registered for football coaching, which is due to start next week. They will be divided into batches, and coaching will take place during weekends.

The aim of Magic Bus, an NGO, is to impart life skills through football coaching. ESPN have taken up the responsibility to  fund 1500 children for life skills. Under this, they will receive free T-shirts, jerseys, kits and coaching .

Anand, a volunteer at Magic Bus, said that the children will be provided a safe environment to play football and learn social skills through this court. Also,  five on five football tournaments will be conducted in this court, in the near future.
Venkatesh, one of the football coaches in the court, said that the children will learn a great deal about both football and life skills, through this activity.

Along with a football field, the court also has a basketball ring, located within the premises of the Bandepalya Government School.

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