City political leaders react to Rahul Gandhi’s elevation

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News of the likelihood of Rahul Gandhi, Vice-President of the Congress Party taking over as President has had diverse reactions.

Mr.Rizwan Arshad, President of the Karnataka Youth Congress said, “The oldest political party of the country is going to get a young leader. He is a consistent opposition leader who is highlighting the right issues. He is not only backed by an army of youngsters but also the elders or the senior leaders of the party who believe that it is the right time for Mr. Gandhi to lead the party.”

However, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is skeptical. Mr. S.Prakash, co-spokesperson of the BJP said, “The appointment of Mr. Gandhi is an internal affair of the Congress party. What is unfortunate is that they are still unable to get out of the Gandhi family. After 18 years, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is finally getting a replacement. But the replacement is her very son. It is more of a family affair and is defeating the value of democracy.”

Mr. Rizwan countered, “There is a machinery working to character assassinate him. But he has held his ground and has overcome all the vindictive campaign that is running against and has proved himself. The party is united behind him and believe that is the most apt time for him to lead the party.”

He will replace his mother Sonia Gandhi who held the position for 19 years. His appointment comes
at a time when Gujarat, the Prime Minister’s home bastion and Karnataka, the Congress’ stronghold go to polls in December 2017 and May 2018, respectively.
Mr. Prakash added, “His appointment will only benefit the BJP in Karnataka. He is not a charismatic leader. He is still trying to find his place in Indian politics and is only around because of his family background.”

Mr. Rizwan said, “Mr. Gandhi has a very fresh approach to politics. The government in Karnataka has a very human approach. The concerns of CM Siddaramaiah and Mr. Gandhi are more or less in tandem. The government is sincerely working towards a hunger-free Karnataka. Today, Karnataka is in a much better position than other developed states like Gujarat. The Gujarat model only claims development. But the effects have reached very less people. Mr. Gandhi has generated more jobs than Mr. Modi.”

The news of the power change sent the Twitterati tweeting their varied opinions.
Dr. Aishwarya. S tweeted, “Happy Congress is proving that ‘Party is of the Dynasty, by the Dynasty and for the Dynasty.”
Sandip Ghose tweeted, “Sudden haste to elevate Rahul Gandhi and statement of party loyalists like Moily “His performance in Gujarat has been outstanding” probably indicates the Congress’ own assessment of prospects in Gujarat Elections 2017.”

Mr. Akhilesh Mishra said, “Congress Party will finally show the Modi-Amit Shah duo their true place by completely outwitting their so-called electioneering process and install Rahul Gandhi as its president. Finally, the much hyped election machinery of the BJP will be busted!”

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