Drunk-n-Do-nuts: Drivers and bikers go nuts


Drunk driving cases see sharp rise in the city

By Priyansh Verma

Bengaluru: Around 1000 drink and drive cases were recorded as the city police conducted a drive on the weekend.

Pradeep Kumar, a constable said, “Though less number of drink and drive cases were recorded, the road accidents in the city were increased. So we became suspicious and conducted the drive. We were appalled by the results and have decided to conduct random drives on a regular basis.”

The drive was initiated by the Dr. B.R Ravikanthe Gowda,Joint Commissioner of Traffic Police.

 “We come across many road accidents every day and most of them are because of drunk drivers. Bikers especially have no speed limit, be it residential area or a commercial area. So the city police should keep a check on them which can avoid mishaps in the city,” said an auto rickshaw driver.


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