BBMP invites tenders for desilting storm water drains


The Urban Development Minister spoke about the storm water drain work done on Double Road.

Bangalore, 20 March, 2018: The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Pallike(BBMP) has invited tenders for desilting upto 239 km of Storm Water Drains that would cost the municipality Rs 42 crore.

“The process will take another 15 days or so and by April 15, contractors will be finalised. So the beginning of May will mark the commencement of pre-monsoon work of reviewing storm water drains in the city,” said Shiva Prasad, Technical Assistant of SWD department of BBMP.

Rains hit Bangalore earlier this week, providing much relief from scorching heat and rising temperatures.

In the last few years, the city has seen flooding during monsoons with clogged drains.

Last year, the Karnataka government had allotted Rs 800 crore to fix 334 out of the 842 km of Storm Water Drains in the city. However, only Rs 26.4 crore were spent on de-silting the drains and the remaining amount was spent for permanent works like constructing walls around the drains, retaining cement concrete (RCC) and U-shaped storm water management, Prasad added.

Yet, when the rains arrived, the city was not spared overflowing drains, flooded streets, knee-length water, and subsequent disruption of life.

This also resulted in the death of 16 people including children. Some  were washed away in the drains  while  others  slipped into them due to lack of walls around the drains.

“Though they have been cleaning the drain since three four months, yet it got flooded when it rained a few days back. The drain is all blocked with garbage and I feel it is our mistake Instead of throwing away the waste in dustbins provided by the municipality, people throw in storm water drains,” Franklin, who works in BMTC , in Shanthinagar, said


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