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Most of the grocery shops in Coonoor are running out of frozen foods as people are panic buying. The delays in transportation are making it difficult for shopkeepers to keep up to the demand.

Most of the grocery shops in Coonoor are running out of frozen foods as people are panic buying meat products and snacks in abundance. People are mainly buying—frozen chicken, pork, beef, vegetables like corn, peas, etc along with other ready-to-eat snacks.

Shubhangi Kembhavi, a customer said, “Frozen food is just easier to cook. I don’t know when the next stock will come. Also, the kids need variation amidst all this lockdown.” Ever since the lockdown, more snacks are being bought. Even though there is an increase in demand, the price, however, has not gone up.

The manager of ‘Modern Store’, a supermarket in Coonoor, Mr. Rajendra Krishna spoke to Newsnet and said that since the lockdown, his sales of frozen food have gone up. He said, “Items that are being bought are meat and snacks like French fries and other things.”  He added that his supplies take two days to come from Coimbatore to Coonoor due to the new rule made by the Tamil Nadu government and that he is unable to cope up with this panic buying.

Compared to fresh food frozen food is very unhealthy and is not good for the body in long term. Expert, Dt. D.S Pradeepa, who is a dietician, said that even if it is an easier option, people should not opt for it. She said, “Frozen food is not good for the health as it loses its basic nutrient value and the snacks, even though they seem like an easier option, are not that healthy, people should make things fresh and give it to kids.”

The store has taken up initiatives to take orders on platforms like Whatsapp and then give it to them the next day so that they can wait for a day for the stocks to reload.


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