Khandsa Road vegetable vendors defy all rules of the lockdown

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Vendors in Khandsa Road vegetable market, Gurgaon, continue to challenge social distancing, despite the country-wide lockdown that has been imposed by the Home Ministry.

Hundreds of vegetable vendors at the Khandsa Road vegetable market defy the lockdown by not following social distancing while buying vegetables early in the morning.

Sunil Sharma, a vegetable vendor, said, “Every day at 5 am I go to the Khandsa road market. I see people pushing each other. They all crowd at one place instead of forming a queue. Very few people wear masks. No police officer can be seen present to ensure that social distancing is being followed.”

An official from the Shivaji Nagar Police Station said, “The market remains open from 3 am to 9 pm. The place becomes crowded, but we are working towards controlling the crowd.Earlier, consumers were also allowed, but now, only vegetable vendors who buy the vegetables and then sell it later on their stalls are allowed to go inside. We have also increased the workforce to keep a check in the market.”

An official from DCP South office in Gurgaon said that lockdown could be implemented appropriately only ifthe people cooperated. “I will also ask the concerned officer of that area to ensure that lockdown is mandatorily followed,” he added.

D.N.S. Shrivastava, Ex – IPS and Vice President of the Retd. IPS Association, said,“As an ex-police officer, I know the problems police face. It’s a human problem. People don’t cooperate.”

Lockdown measures can’t be properly implemented unless people follow the lockdown rules.

He further said, “You may appeal to the people to follow the lockdown, you may also increase workforce but there is a huge willingness among the people to buy vegetables.Also, if you enforce the measures too vigorously, you risk upsetting the community. People have to cooperate.”

On March 28, The Ministry of Home Affairs issued an order laying down guidelines for the implementation of lockdown across the country. The lockdown has now been extended till May 3, 2020.


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