Volunteers lend an empathic hand

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Disabled people are being helped by volunteers of different NGOs across polling booths in the city. The volunteers are helping the disabled by providing them with wheel chairs and assisting them in casting their vote. They are also being provided with auto transport till the main road.

Systematic Votersā€™ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) is an initiative undertaken by the Election Commission (EC) to inform and motivate disabled and senior citizens to come out and vote. Ever since its implementation in Bihar in 2014, SVEEP has been growing rapidly. The EC has collaborated with several NGOs and civil society groups to facilitate the initiative. The disabled and senior citizens registered on it are picked up from their homes and dropped back after they cast their votes. In a way, therefore, the initiative is helping to increase voter turnout.

(Inputs by Akanksha Kashyap, Nidhi Roy, Mayuri Bora, Anurag Maan)


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