Computer still a dream of students.


Out of 52 government schools in Athani taluk of Karnataka. Only one school equipped with computer to teach.

 By Abhinav Kumar

Murgundi village is the only school 12 km away from Athani city, where a computer is used by the teacher to take classes, where students learn basic concepts like about computer, can operate basic software. But the scene is not good compared to other schools in the area; they have only one computer for 250 students.

Prakash Kamble computer teacher of Moraji Desai school, Murgundi said, “ see at least school have one computer in which they can get basic knowledge of computer , I know it’s not enough for them but it’s better to start with one.”  I always try to teach and update my student with latest thing happening all over India, he added.

Shiva Patil a student who applied for railways apprentice exam was not selected, not because of eligibility criteria but he lacks in operating computer. Indian railway started conducting examinations online. Shiva had never seen or operated computer system in his life. Lack of computer in his school cost him a career, which he always wanted to pursue for betterment of family and his life. Shiva Patil, said, “If government could have provided all the infrastructure and facilities at a time that really helped my career .”

Teachers of other government school in Athani area also complains about the poor infrastructure and lack of new equipment that need to be provided by government. Many project and paper yet to pass by officials siting in Bengaluru. Whenever teachers try to reach them either official are busy or not available.

Government School

Rajya Begum Nada, computer teacher of Athani government school, said, “In present time basic knowledge of computer is must and each student should get exposure to it because foundation start from early age if they will not learn know they will suffer later. In this school there is no computer but they have computer in  their syllabus.” It’s very difficult to teach them with drawing images of computer if government could provide things at time then it will be benefited to the future of country.   

Most of parents belong to farming background, they cannot afford fee of private school. Sidesh Patil father of Shiva said, “We want our son to be educated so, he should not suffer labour like us, I want to see him doing good in his life.”

Sushma studying in class five of Moraji Desai School in Murgundi is fascinated with computers. She always wants to know more about computers and has decided to be a computer engineer. The way the computer ecosystem works attracts Sushma from day one. Ramdas Patil father of sushma runs a ration shop in village, and is as ambitious as his daughter. He is committed to make his daughters dreams come true and is and planning to buy a computer for her so she can practice and learn more.

Prakash Kamble, who teaches Sushma, always appreciate the student to learn more about new technologies and new invention, he always tell his students ‘future belongs to computer’ and  how computers changing the working condition in world and why government of India running such campaign like digital India to digitise the country.

In the age of digitization if youth will not get the basic education of operating a computer system this will create a gap with in the young generation in dealing with computers in future at larger scale. As per the report published in Economic Times Indian government launched a scheme called digital India in 2015 aim to digitize the whole country with internet, India having more than 560million active internet user in the world.

As per the Huffpost report Government failed to fill the gap between rural and urban society. . There is still less use of digital payment and digital work in rural area. Government should first educate rural India because India belongs to land of agriculture 65 percent of population lives in village.

Out of the 81,300 government schools in Karnataka, only 26.45 per cent have computer facilities. As per the data of Nammashale, a state government website, more than 70 per cent of schools do not have proper facilities to start computer education in government school.

Bangan Raj saul , principal  of Moraji Desai school said, “ school committee already given the letter to higher authority of states that school need at least 30 computers currently  and school have only two computers in  our office, one used for office purposes and one used to teach  basic of computers system and hardware  knowledge to 263 students .”  Government should start implementing policies on ground otherwise it’s too late for students, he added.

Rahul Ranjan doing B.Ed. course says now days no one wants to teach in government school because of the pay scale and facilities were not provided by government to teachers, in many state salary of teaching staff was delayed by there months, whereas private school take cares of all requirement of teacher.

No one wants to be teacher.

There are no dedicated teachers to teach computers to students. Few years back teachers were provided training.  In 2010 initiative taken by the Karnataka government teacher training program started in the name of IT for change by the help of Azim Permji University and RV engineering College to train the teachers of Governments school and enhanced there learning with help of basic Knowledge of Computers and different equipment.

H.N Raju, Senior Assistant Director of Public Instruction officer said, “government of Karnataka is doing their best to provide maximum facilities in government schools in all district, I know there is a loop whole   in the  process of implementation and involvement of  middle man involvement  that is why student are not getting benefited.” Government of Karnataka is learning from Delhi government how to equip all government school with resources and infrastructure that no student suffered from technology and opportunity gap, he added further. 

Delhi government worked in three basic steps to boost the government school and quality of education in the state by investing in infrastructure, training of teachers and providing equipment in class room to connect with students and most important part recurring new teachers.

Sharad Saurav tech expert who work in Daily Hunt, said India is the world leader when it comes to the supply of IT services, all over the world and Bangalore is the silicon valley of India, but when you see the structure of our government school and implementation of policies by the minister of different states gives hard shock to silicon valley acceptances where future of India suffering in unorganised dilemma of great education system.


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