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Work from home which was initially a fun task during this covid-19 lockdown is now getting on the nerves of people as they are getting overburdened with work.

By Yumna Ahmed

“Initially work from home was fun. Working in pajamas and taking a day off from work. But now as it has been our everyday reality it’s getting on our nerves,” said Mawra Ishaque, a senior fitness expert at Healthifyme.

She added, “ Now we actually miss our chai breaks and gossiping with our colleagues as coronavirus has locked us at home.

With the arrival of COVID-19 people are compelled  to work from home. This somehow gives the employees quite a cheat code to ditch a Zoom meeting for PUBG, but at the same time their phone would buzz throughout the day-night.

“The nine to five job was much easier than work from home because there is no fixed hour now. It’s just like 24*7 availability, whether it be 3 am or 3 pm. People are worried about their performance as layoff and pay cut of employees have increased,” said, Zamra Akhter,senior software engineer, Mindtree.

Several companies like Microsoft, Deloitteand P&G India have taken an initiative as mental health is affected due to this lockdown. They have arranged free counselling sessions to help their employees.HR’s of various companies keep in touch with their employees to check on them.

Irfan Warsi, Deputy Pricing Manager at Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd., said, “I have noticed a behavioural change while talking about business related topics with my colleagues/vendors. They are more aggressive and impulsive than usual which leads to unresolved issues and difference in opinions.”

He added, “Bad internet connectivity adds fuel to fire; we are unable to upload data on time, which increases our stress level as we miss our deadlines.”

Aditi. V, a psychiatrist from Pune said, “Work from home is not that suitable because people are overburdened with work. They are being aggressive and impulsive which is affecting their mental health. They are unable to vent out their stress as they cannot go out to meet friends and colleagues too.”

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