Wedding bells ring lavishly at Ex-CM’s home amid nationwide lockdown

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Former Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy’s son is all set to get married tomorrow in Ramnagara; expecting at least 150 attendees

By Apoorva GS

Shivamogga: As the lockdown continues in the country, several events are being postponed and cancelled, but one wedding couldn’t wait in the state. Kumar Swamy is all set to conduct his son Nikhil Kumaraswamy’s wedding at his farmhouse in Ramnagara. 

Nikhil Kumaraswamy is set to get married to Revathi, who is the grand-niece of congress leader and realtor M. Krishnappa on April 17, 2020. Earlier the wedding was scheduled to take place in a huge ground in Ramnagara. But due to the lockdown, it is now taking place in his farmhouse. 

While talking to the media reporters, Kumaraswamy said, “According to our astrologer, April 17, 2020, is the apt date to conduct the wedding. Since we could not find any other dates which matched the astrology, we could not postpone the wedding.” He also claimed that Ramanagara fell under the green zone. 

A police official from Ramanagara said, “Though the news has been telecasted on almost all news channels, no permissions have been taken from the family to conduct the event yet.” 

Kumaraswamy defended this action through various Kannada media channels by saying, He has obtained suggestions from at least twelve to thirteen family doctors and is, therefore, going ahead with the wedding preparations. 

Sources said that since Ramnagara  is Kumaraswamy’s home constituency, from where he has got a huge number of votes, most of them are expected to participate in the wedding which might result in the absence of social distancing 

Though Kumaraswamy, through various media organizations, said that a bare minimum number of people are going to take part in the wedding, a few sources from Ramnagara said that the preparations did not seem like one which would host a few people. A giant pathway has been constructed which could bear the capacity of more than a hundred people, they said. 

Besides, guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home affairs were also being violated during the wedding preparations. A wedding preparations video went viral where workers were found not maintaining social distancing and not wearing masks for except one or two. 

Image and video Courtsey: OpIndia and Srinivas N


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