Shortage of Teacher Costs Children’s Education


All the five Anganwadi’s under Kadathi Gram Panchayat were locked due to the shortage of teachers

By Shreya Jain

Bangalore, April 20, 2019

The primary school kids play on the streets of Shantinagar, Harapanahalli taluk which is located in Karnataka, they struggle speaking Kannada, and they are deprived of the underlying primary school going student’s skills.  Their misery lies in a school which has no teacher.

Among five Anganwadi’s only one teacher is available to teach, and when IIJNM reporter was on reportage, it was found that all them were locked.

Kadathi Gram Panchayat has the hold of five villages; Shanti Nagar, Kandikeri, Vatahalli, Nadayhalli, Kadathichirap. Though every town has an anganwadi and primary school but with no teacher. According to gram panchayat data, in total three teachers are allotted for primary school and two teachers for Anganwadi School

“The level of education of the village is shallow, it is only Kannada medium. Many write a written exam for the teacher post but do not clear. Even if they clear, the recruitment process is prolonged. From gram panchayat we have written letters to authority, and many times we have complained to BEO office and CDPO office, but no steps have been taken to eliminate this process, no one is taking it seriously. That’s the reason for two-three Anganwadi we have one teacher.” said S.Mohan Kumar.

Also among five primary schools, there are only two teachers who go for teaching to different villages on alternate days.

Talking about a similar situation, for three days, the Anganwadis of the villages Shanti Nagar, Kandikeri and Kadathi are closed. The education of young children is very uncertain. The problem not only lies with their language but also other numerical and necessary abilities while growing.

I take the initiative to teach her whatever I know. As soon as I am back from work she runs behind me and tells me to make her write and learn a new alphabet each day.” said Ganesh, Sonu’s father.

“I want to learn. The teacher only comes every two days; she gives me homework. The teacher is never on time whenever there is a school” said Sonu, an Anganwadi student.

In Karnataka, total teachers working for Anganwadis is 51,669 in which Davangere district has 5,746 teachers, and Harapanahlli taluk contributes 1102 teachers. There is a vacancy of 371 teachers according to the records of Child and development department of Karnataka. Also, it is to be noted that  a vacancy of 351 teachers lies in primary schools

“Over to past three to four years we had vacancies for teachers, the reason behind this is because of appointments. So since appointments are being made, our vacancies are increasing. To control the vacancies what we do is with the help of the government we take a teacher from graduate like among the people who have cleared graduation, like a freshly graduated student. There are a lot of vacancy in taluk so, what we do is hire guest lecturers, the academic year is from June to march after march we revive these teachers if we still not able to appoint the permanent teacher for the academic year then we hire a next guest teacher.” Said BEO Officer, Mahesh Kumar.

“First reason I think is the transfer of the teacher. Before there was a teacher who taught among three villages, she is transferred to a different district.  It’s been two months since no one has been placed, so the Anganwadis of two-three villages are closed. The other reasons are the retirement of the teacher and the job post left vacant,  government or department taking time to recruit teachers, there are many applications pending, but the government takes no quick steps.” said Rajesh, teacher.

The solution to this problem is the government must focus on this issue and start its recruitment process. The salary must be satisfying and must opt, transfer teacher, every year. Students at primary school play hide and seek and many other games, spent their school timings instead of learning, gaining knowledge and writing. A dark future of the students, as education is the base of each one’s life. Education plays a vital role in the wise decision of life and for knowledge and sustainable purpose. But it is at risk as no teacher is recently employed and instead the teachers in the village are transferred.

Sonu in spite of having talent and interest in learning they are not given opportunity and direction to come in light. Many government students suffer; education builds the strength and confidence to confront the real world.





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