Shops see fewer footfalls due to construction delay


Businesses around the delayed construction are experiencing heavy losses since two months

Kumari Meghna

Bangalore, January 18, 2018: Shops around the Hennur Bridge have faced 60 per cent losses because of the delay in construction of the bridge.

The bridge has been under construction on and off for the past ten years. The traffic in the area remains at snail-pace in the peak hours for years. After several protests by the residents and the shopkeepers, the BDA had finally resumed the work in November,2017.

BDA had acquired lands from these shops to broaden the roads and divert the traffic to facilitate the construction and complete it by 15th January, 2018. However, it has missed the deadline yet again

Shiv Kumar Patil, Executive Engineer of BDA, said that they missed out on the deadline because they had not received the construction materials on time. The material used was not available in all the shops. It was purchased from private dealers. They faced land acquisition problems.

Delayed construction on Hennur main road

Shops and restaurants like Dominos, Nike and TeakandWalnut (TW) have been affected the most. Sanjay Jagdish, the owner of TW said that the delay in construction of the bridge has left his shop with no space for the customers to park. The number of customers walking in has decreased drastically.

Urban Planner, Anirban Choudhary says that the government should construct multi-storey parking in the area near an auto stand so that the people can park their cars at one place and use the autos to commute to the shops.

The bridge stands incomplete in the middle of the road. The contractor, Srinivas assures that the work will take one more month to get completed.


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