People turnout in droves to vote

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Long queues and lack of facilities at polling booths have not affected first time voters from casting their vote, despite Election Commission’s recent decision to provide special facilities for differently-abled voters at polling booths. At polling station 323 located in the Mount Carmel English School, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, people had to do with mediocre amenities, long queues and broken Electronic Voting Machines.

“I have been standing in this queue since 7.15 a.m. The voting started at 7.45 am, as opposed to 7 am due to broken EVM’s,” said Abhishek Anand, a resident of RR Nagar said.

“The voting started late due to broken machinery (EVM). It was broken before it reached here. We have 10% extra machinery and we have fixed it” Byrappa, EC flying squad team, RR Nagar.

The Election Commission aims to ensure that maximum people vote. However, such issues led to people returning to their homes without exercising their franchise.



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