Fewer H1N1 cases in Bangalore this year.


Bangalore, Sept 5, 2017: The numbers of deaths due to Swine flu (H1N1) in Bangalore have reduced in the last three months, while Mumbai and other cities have seen a rise.

In Mumbai there has been a rise in deaths due to H1N1.

One person died in the Victoria Hospital in Bangalore in the last three months. No deaths were reported in private hospitals.

“H1N1 cases have decreased due to low virulence of virus, as H1N1 is a virus borne disease,” said Dr. Basavaraju T.J. Victoria Hospital.

BBMP Medical Officer, Dr. Komala Harish said that as there was increase in H1N1 cases in 2015, they have started awareness campaigns.

She said, “If someone is not feeling well he should isolate himself, he should avoid going out. Whenever if someone is having a cold he should wear a mask.”

Swine influenza is caused by droplet infection.It is an air-borne disease, and the infected person should take all precautions. Manifestations of swine flu influenza in individuals are like side effects of normal human influenza and incorporate fever, sore throat, chills, body pain and weariness.

Even after heavy rainfall in Bangalore there have been no cases of Swine flu. In BGS Hospital, though the hospital had noticed an increase in cases in March this year but from past three months, there have been no H1N1 cases. However, no deaths have been registered.

In Victoria Hospital since the last three months, 22 cases of H1N1 have been registered out of which one person died.

In K.C General Hospital there have been no deaths due to H1N1 this year as compared to last year there were 10 deaths reported. Dr. Ramesh Babu (General Physician) at K. C. General Hospital said “Since three months I haven’t come across any H1N1 cases that caused death as compared to last year.”

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