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Commercial activities thriving at the Bannerghatta National Park at the expense of forest cover

The Bannerghatta National Park (BNP) popular for the wide variety of flora and fauna is gradually shrinking due to commercial activities in the park despite clear orders by the High Court to preserv the national park.

Banuprakash, an activist says that the BNP has always been a wildlife corridor for the elephants. The corridor connecting BR Hills to Sathyamangalam forest is frequently used by migrating animals. The mining activities around BNP take up space  the animals require to move around, thus disrupting their environmental equilibrium.

Prashanth Shankar, a Range Forest Officer (RFO) says that he is aware about the court order and they are hoping for cooperation from all government departments involved.

Despite an interim order from the High Court to stop commercial activities  around the BNP, there has been no end to these activities .  A 2016 draft notification from the High Court mandates 269 square kilometers as eco-sensitive zone..

A N Yellappa Reddy, an ex-IPS official and Chairman of Bangalore Environment Trust says that the region was once titled as ‘Gaja Aranaya’ hailing elephants as the kings of the forest.  He claimed that the new order favours the animals, who are subjected to loud noises from commercial activities. The forest officials need to implement the laws established for wellbeing of the wildlife.


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