COVID-19: A walk through the 21 day lockdown

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an extension in the nationwide lockdown till May 3, while addressing the country today morning. Let us look at how the 21 day lockdown fared.


It all started on March 25th 2020 when PM Modi announced a three –week nationwide lockdown. This decision was taken as the number of COVID-19 cases rose to 536. He suspended all modes of transportation till April14, 2020. He focused on the idea of social distancing and highlighted how it is the only weapon we can break the chain of virus transmission across the nation.

As all modes of transportation were suspended, thousands of workers from the unorganized sector which included daily wage workers in different parts of the country started migrating. On March 28th, these workers gathered at Anand Vihar bus terminal after Uttar Pradesh government made bus arrangements for people stranded in New Delhi.



By the end of March, 135 new cases were reported in a single day from Kerala, Maharashtra, Telangana and Karnataka. The PM Cars fund was established, asking citizens to donate generously to cater to the needs of the people.

All the major entrance exams- National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) were postponed. Online classes are still being conducted in schools. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools promoted students up to eighth standard. 


On March 22 2020, thousands of people gathered for this event at Markaaz, Delhi. This was one of the main reasons behind the spike in the coronavirus cases after they moved to various parts of the country. This single event was deeply communalised and terms like ‘corona jihad’ were being used.

Rapid testing had started from March 26. Most of the reported cases were  being traced back to this single source event meet. A large number of foreigners of different nationalities were also a part of it.

COVID 19 -Ignoramus

The members of the TikTok community and others were seen violating the rules of social distancing. Social media was loaded with fake news like heat kills covid, turmeric and eucalyptus oil cures COVID-19 etc.

PM Modi made two appearances during the 21 day lockdown to emphasise on the hard work and dedication of those people who were fighting the battle at the forefront. He asked citizens of the nation to clap for them and light diyas as a symbol for unity and solidarity. Today, on the 20th day of the lockdown, with the advice of the Chief Ministers of various states and the medical experts, PM Narendra Modi has decided to extend the lockdown till third May. States like Maharashtra, Orissa and Tamil Nadu had already extended the lockdown till April 30. He said that India as compared to other countries in the world is in a much better situation and we need to continue with the practice of social distancing to fight against the virus.

As of now Maharashtra ranks first, Tamil Nadu second and Delhi third in the list of the most COVID-19 affected cities.


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