Bangalore is all set for Modi’s arrival


PM Narendra Modi will campaign for his party for the elections in the city will be held tomorrow. Arrangements for the crowd are on its way.

Ashok BJP General Secretary of Karnataka said that, “Even in 2014 Modi campaigned here and he became the PM. This time also we got an opportunity to campaign here. We expect one and a half lakh people. We have created a space for online registration for volunteers and for public. Around 6000 people have registered. Invitations have also been sent.”

Traffic Police is also geared up for the event and has done all the arrangements for the traffic routes.

He added that, “A huge security force will be deployed to ensure safety of the Prime minister and people because one and a half lakh people are expected and it is open to public. Traffic is not going to be an issue for us as we have already asked from 750 new people. They will be deployed across the city for controlling the supporters.”

Palace ground is all set for event with approximately 1000 BJP volunteers working for it. The ground has surveillance with 80 cameras and sniffer dogs are checking area across the stage.

Mr. Ganesh Head of the Organising Committee mentioned, “We are almost 1000 people here and all the arrangements are on full song. We have already received around 50,000 registrations for the event. All the taluks incharge have been asked to bring around 300 people from the taluks. In total we are expecting around 1.5 lakh people.

Mr. Modi will come from Mangalore to Hindustan Aeronautic Limited. From there he will be brought to nearby Air Force station which is approximately 200 m from this ground via helicopter. And then, he will come to the ground. Mr Ganesh continued that, for women, “Our women morcha mandal team is working with around 200 volunteers.”

With less than six days to go for the elections, Narendra Modi’s visit will be a boon for BJP candidates in state.

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