Art and Craft Blooms as Youngsters Learn New Skills in Lockdown

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Youngsters steal hearts by showcasing their art and craft works online during COVID-19 lockdown

Kavitha R

16th April 2020

Youngsters steal hearts by showcasing their art and craft works online during covid-19 lockdown

As most of the population is staying indoors due to COVID-19 lockdown, youngsters have come up with a solution to entertain themselves. They are learning arts and crafts and uploading them on social media platforms.

Ashwathy S, student of Cochin University, who is learning art and craftwork online said, “My friend gave the idea of learning art and craft online to fight with boredom and post the pictures of the same on social media. Following which I started learning bottle art, jewellery making and drawing. Once I complete my work, I take a good picture and post it online. I have got many positive comments from my friends and family.”

Bottle related art or painting on the bottle has got major attraction among the youngsters. Most of them are indulging in the same and posting pictures of it online.

Anitha George, a jewellery maker spends all her free time making different kinds of pieces of jewellery using threads and beads at home. She said, “Youngsters are now very interested in learning art and crafts work in their home. Also, they are posting their work in social media using relative hash-tags.”

Experts say that indulging in art and craft activities is a good way of self-relaxation.

Lakshmi Nair, an apparel professor at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, said: “This is a good time for getting involved in art and craftworks. Youngsters spend their lockdown period by learning and doing that rather than sitting with mobile the whole day. I think most of the youngsters are inspired by social media. They like the idea of their skills being exposed to a platform, which encourages them to do more.”


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