Agra reports 36 new Coronavirus cases

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While Agra has been lauded by the Centre for curbing the spread of the Corona virus, new cases reported today state otherwise. 

By Astha Oriel and Archita Srivastava

Despite the measures taken by the district authorities to prevent new coronavirus cases, Uttar Pradesh recorded 40 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, of which 36 are from Agra. The total number of postive cases of Corona virus in Uttar Pradesh is 138.

Among the new positive cases that have come up at Agra, most cases were reported from Paras Hospital and the areas within its reach. The hospital, which is a quarantine centre has 16 registered cases.   

A resident of Agra, who wished to remain anonymous said that not enough measures are being taken to create awareness amongst the lower socio-economic group. “A lack of awareness can be observed amongst the lower socio-economic group which is major reason for the spike in the number of corona virus cases in the city.

During the press conference on Saturday in Delhi, Lav Aggarwal, Joint Secretary to the Union Minister of Health, called the “Agra Model”, a role model and urged the other states to follow suit. The next day, 12 new cases were reported in Agra.

Dr Mukesh Vats, the Chief Medical Officer of Agra said that the administration was trying its best to control the spread of the disease. “We are aware that the number of positive corona virus cases are increasing everyday in Agra. But we are trying our best to keep this situation under control. We currently have 138 positive corona virus cases, out of which 124 cases are present in the quarantine facility and are getting treated, where as the rest of them have recovered,” he said.

Dr Vats disagreed with the information of a woman dying due to corona virus. He said, “I do not agree that the cause of the death of the lady in Agra was COVID-19. She was already suffering from a chronic heart disease, when she was tested positive, and that was the reason of her death.”

Dr Vats explained that the district authorities had identified 33 hotspots within Agra which have been kept under monitoring. He said, “The biggest cluster of coronavirus cases in India was present in Agra, after two brothers tested positive for the COVID-19 cases in Delhi. We monitored around 275-300 individuals who came in contact with these people, thus dividing them, whether they were symptomatic or asymptomatic.”

Dr Vats informed that those individuals who tested negative, were sent to the isolation zone and those who tested positive were sent to the quarantine facility.

The new COVID-19 positive cases in Agra have been admitted to the Sarojini Naidu Medical College (SNMC), Agra. The SNMC authorities denied to give details about the positive cases admitted in past the 24 hours and said that the people have been quarantined and are under treatment.


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