First case of COVID-19 confronts Karnataka Police

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First case of COVID-19 is detected among the police personnel of Karnataka.

Harshith V

April 17,2020

While the police are shouldering the mammoth task of ensuring a successful lockdown, a police constable has been tested positive for COVID-19 in Bagalkot district of Karnataka.

The 27-year-old constable is admitted in the isolation ward of the District Hospital of Bagalkot.

Dr. A. N. Desai, Bagalkot District Health Officer said, “The condition of the constable is now under control and we have informed the police department to quarantine all the police personnel deployed at the madarasa in Bagalkot area limits. The family of the constable is under supervision. It has not spread and no symptoms have been detected from other police personnel or the family members.”

Lokesh Bharamappa Jagaldar, Superintendent of Police from Bagalkot district said, “The constable probably contracted the virus when he went to get a person involved in the Tablighi Jamat event in custody. The Police department has been asked to take precautionary measures.”

He was deployed at madarasa in Mudhol on March 27, where a group of 25 people were reportedly offering namaz, following the return of a few members of the Tablighi Jamat who returned from the Nizamuddin Dargah. 

  “We have taken strict action against all the 25 people,” assured the Superintendent.      

Recently a cop from Juhu, Mumbai was tested positive for coronavirus. He was on leave for not keeping well for the last few days. Later he showed symptoms of coronavirus. On being tested his result came out to be positive. The samples of other policemen who came in contact with him have been sent for testing.

Cops are bearing the brunt of ensuring a successful lockdown all over the country. In another case, Assistant Sub Inspector of Delhi Police along with his family was admitted in a hospital on Thursday for testing positive for coronavirus. Till now, seven police personnel in Delhi have been tested positive.  In Indore, three policemen have been tested positive for the virus.

District Health Officer Dr. A N Desai also added, “Social distancing must be strictly followed by the cops to avoid the spread of the virus among the police. Sanitizing and maintaining their hygiene is essential and when they go out on checks they should not touch any suspected objects at the place.”


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