City wakes up to gluten-free food

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Restaurants in Bangalore are experiencing higher demand for gluten-free food items.

The demand for gluten-free food has increased in Bangalore where bakeries and restaurants selling gluten-free food said that they are experiencing higher demand over the past five years.

Sushmita, co-owner of Carrots Restaurant in Kormangala said, “There has been a growing demand. My restaurant is five years old. Right from when we started we have seen a good demand for gluten-free food items. People who normally come to dine in the restaurant taste gluten free stuff on the menu and like it.”  She added that both gluten-free and normal dishes have the same demand in her restaurant.

Many varieties of gluten-free dishes like gluten-free Pasta, gluten-free Pizzas, gluten-free sandwiches have come up. Restaurants, bakeries and ice cream parlours are including gluten-free food on their menus.

Shwetha M who owns ‘The gluten-free bread boutique’ in Indiranagar charges Rs. 400 for a loaf of gluten-free bread, said that even if the price is more than the normal bread, people are ready to spend as they are ready to move towards a healthy lifestyle.

She said“The demand for gluten-free food has grown a lot in the last five years. They don’t mind paying extra for a loaf of bread but they want to eat healthily and not eat wheat. When I started 12 years ago I used to get 10 orders a week. Now I get 100 orders a week.”

= Apart from patients who are allergic to gluten, people are choosing to switch to a healthier lifestyle by giving up on gluten. Melanie Bosen said, “I am not advised by anyone to eat gluten-free. I eat it for myself to lead a healthy life.”

All India Institute of Medical Sciences reports showed millions of people in India are diagnosed with Celiac disease. Dr. Madhu, a Gastroenterologist, Bangalore Institute of Gastroenterology, said, “In South India, this disease is rare as many people are rice eaters.”

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