Too expensive to study


Books don’t come in an essential list of goods.

A course book that is available for just Rs 400 on Amazon is being sold at Rs 600 MRP, on regional bookstores that have gone online, along with extra delivery charges depending on the receiver’s location.

Parvez Nasir, a law student said, ‘Online stores do not provide any discounts plus they take delivery charges per book which makes it difficult for us.

Bookstores like Ajit Law Book Depot, charge delivery cost of around Rs 250 per book since things went online followed by lockdown. Students Saniya Ferodia, who was aiming to order a list of course related books couldn’t order as the amount was too much for her.

Ajit Law Book Depot offers law related books on MRP without discounts. On asking about the price structure and how it doesn’t offer discounts, a worker at the depot said, ‘We don’t sell books at a loss like Amazon does. We sell books at MRP. You compare prices and choose whichever book store you want to.’

As big book sellers offer no discounts students look for second hand book stores like Enbee bookstore to get used books at lesser cost.

Post lockdown Amazon is not delivering books as per the guidelines only essential services are being delivered.

Due to which students who were relying on the discounted book prices are left with no way other than finding different sources or buying books with extra charges.

Vivek Mittal who is an Educationalist emphasised on health saying that ‘health is more important and education is also important’ but at present nothing much can be done.

Giving out a solution he said, ‘Students can only wait for the situation to get better until then they can take help from their batchmates. They can share notes through WhatsApp and study because health is more important in such times’.

As educational experts say the cases might come down till next month, students who cannot afford books can then purchase from local bookstores. But will the situation get a better post this month still remains a big question.


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