Pune reports more than 400 cases of Black fungus

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Experts say people who are diabetic are prone to this fungus the most .

Pune: Maharashtra has recorded more than 2000 cases of black fungus in the state, while Pune alone has recorded more than 400 cases of black fungus making it one of the major cities to add up the number. 

Dr. Chandrashekar Raman, Neurosurgeon, Noble hospital says “The number of black fungus cases has significantly increased.”

Majority of the patients has got the disease limited to their nose but in some cases we have seen the disease invading the bones coating their teeth as well as the eye area and in some cases we had to do brain surgery also, he added. 

Many states have declared black fungus as an epidemic; with India reporting more than 9000 cases and more than 300 deaths, experts say that there is a need to take care.

They say the fungus is caused mainly due to mucor mould and the people between the age group of 40-50 or more are the most vulnerable.

Mr. Sanjiv Vavere, Asst Medical officer, Pune Municipal Cooperation (PMC) says “Not only diabetic patients but people with less immunity should also be careful.” 


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