No Homes Willing to Open their Doors for the Specially-abled Orphans


A story that needs to be delivered to everyone. Adoption of specially-abled orphans is not happening as planned.

Do, watch the documentary to know more.

‘Adoption’- thinking about the term adoption makes a person think about so many things. Parents who adopt a child try their best to deal with various problems be it society or expenses. One adopts a child with a lot of thought and effort. But have you ever thought about the adoption of specially-abled children? It would be so much more difficult. This thought restricts people from even thinking about adopting them. It is quite difficult but there is always 1 among the 100. People become very skeptical when it comes to adopting a child with special needs. Children deserve parents like Mrs. Aloma Lobo and Mr. David Lobo. Nisha Lobo is a young, courageous and a happy go lucky girl who was adopted by the Lobos. Nisha was born with a very rare genetic disorder, the couple adopted her when they already had 5 children.

Nisha Lobo said, “I don’t have a very heartfelt thing to say for my mother. She would take care of me as any other mother would do.” This is exactly what children need. Children with special needs are treated very differently in society. People think that they need special care and attention. Yes, they do need- but they try their best to stand alone in the society, to break all the biases of the society. Adoption of specially-abled orphans is still seen as a taboo in society. But breaking all the biases and taboos, the Lobos stand strong in making Nisha more confident every day.

Nisha Lobo

According to the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) data, there is a 44 percent decrease in the adoption rate for differently-abled children in the last decade i.e, 2010- 2020. If we talk about the adoption of differently-abled orphans, it remains taboo in society. A Smaller number of parents want to adopt a differently-abled child. In India, some orphanages nurture differently-abled orphans and take good care of them.

It is very difficult for children to gain confidence and come out and face the society. We all know about how they are bullied in different places and different positions in our society. There are so many challenges that are faced by disabled people everywhere. They face problems in accessibility, education, employment, relationship, and many more. Negative attitude toward disability disempower individuals and also leads to their social inclusion and isolation.

I don’t have a very heartfelt thing to say for my mother. She would take care of me as any other mother would do.”

– Nisha lobo

This child Nisha, today stands as an inspiration in her way. She says that she has been strengthened by her parent’s affection. Even if she was born with a rare genetic disorder she was adopted by the couple. Nisha struggled a lot because she was not confident about coming up in front of everyone. After adoption, her parents were the ones to gather some courage for her and helped her in coming up in front of society. The problems that the parents have faced in their upbringing.

Reporter’s Diary

This documentary is dedicated to all the children with special needs. Our holidays had just begun and then I decided to work on my capstone project, thinking that I’ll at least be on time. I decided to visit a place named Gurunanak Home for Handicapped Children. The handicapped home is for the treatment of children with disabilities. I used to cross this place when I went for coaching classes, but this time I got an opportunity to get inside. I took pictures and videos of them playing and watched them getting therapy and I also spoke to them and made many new friends. The thing that impressed me the most there was the positivity that each and everyone had on their face. I went back home and thought about a lot of things. I discussed it with my papa and he said, “Beta yahi hai duniya, waha jaa kar pata chala nah ki itni saari khamiya hote hue bhi, wo bacche kitne khush hai” (This is the true side of the world, even if the children have some sort of disabilities, still they are very happy). This motivated me more to work on this project. I gathered a lot of information and came back to Bangalore. Now, I started looking for the main character for my story, it was a difficult task. While going through various documentaries related to specially-abled children, I found Nisha. I remember watching an advertisement for Vicks and realized that she is the same girl. I did a little bit of research and somehow managed to get the contact details. The day I met Nisha, was the most beautiful day. I felt like I have achieved a goal and my capstone would be the best after this. I hope I would be delivering the correct message through this documentary.

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