Many skeptical of Youth Policy, label it as a vote-bank gambit

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The last such policy was implemented in 2012.

By Hamsaveni N

The Karnataka Youth Policy 2022 (KYP-2022) remains on paper as the government lags in implementation of it. Youths suspect KYP to be a vote bank trick as assembly elections are due in May.

After a long wait, Karnataka Youth Policy 2022 was approved. The last time such a policy was approved was in 2012. According to the draft of KYP-2022, it will enable holistic development of youth and empower them. KYP will be operational till 2030.

Sathish Rao, a youth and traffic volunteer, said, “I am hoping this youth policy will help us but its implementation has always been a big question. It is common for political parties to make such promises. We have to wait and watch how this policy will work.”

Mallige, a member of Karnataka Janashakthi, said, “We are not happy with the policy. The policy doesn’t have any modern ideas in order to set youths as global citizens. Bringing up the policy before elections is a clear vote-bank game because a majority of youths are not aware of the policy and they don’t know what the policy has for their empowerment.”

Youth Congress leader Mohd Nalapad did not respond to queries.

Thippeswamy K T, a member of Karnataka Youth Policy, said, “The implementation of the policy has not started yet. The KYP is approved in the cabinet and a government order is being issued to the youth department. This is the right time to empower youth…. It is high time we address them… I think the main element in this policy is that there should be a separate Directorate for Youth Empowerment and Youth Sports. The government has taken a U-turn in bifurcating the Karnataka Youth Empowerment and Sports Department.”    

Malesh, member of Karnataka Youth Congress said, “KYP initiative is an election trick to get the votes of youths. Already there are a few Swami Vivekananda Sanghas at the gram panchayat level which promise loans for the youth. My question is, on what basis do they give loans?”

“The manufacturing sector should grow in order to create more jobs. The focus should be shifted towards filling the current vacancies,” said Malesh.

Janardhana Kesargadde, programme lead of the Youth Work Promotion and Youth Rights Advocacy, explained, “The survey for the KPY draft policy was ineffective as they have not covered different areas related to youth development. In the policy draft, one of the main focuses was to have youth empowerment bodies at the panchayat and taluk levels. Currently, we just have an Assistant Director at the district level. It is impossible to connect the end users with just one officer for one district. The current youth department majorly focuses on sports rather than youth empowerment. The members involved in the youth empowerment programs should be well trained.”

Speaking on the proposed youth budget, Kesaragadde added, “A separate allocation for youths is an interesting thing in the policy which we are awaiting. Allocating funds for various youth- related schemes in other departments is completely different from allocating a separate fund just to focus on youth empowerment. We want a separate budget allocation for the youth empowerment department.”

The KYP 2022 mainly focuses on restructuring the department and establishing separate directorates for youth empowerment and sports and youth empowerment. The youth empowerment directorate will be linked to the central convening authority for looking after youth-oriented schemes and programs.


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