Lockdown Triggers Mental Health Issues Among Men.

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By Priyanka Ghosh                                                                                 26/05/2021

Bangalore:The number of depression cases continue to rise among men post lockdown. Unemployment, loneliness, isolation, marital issues and being stuck in the homes contributed to it. At the same time many people also lost their jobs and were not able to meet their family and friends which in turn contributed to their depressed state. According to the reports published by the Indian Psychiatry Society, the depression cases has rose to 20 percent . Thus we see that the numbers of the depressed patients are rising at an alarming rate which is a cause of concern.

Gopal Iyer, who had been in depression since the last few months says, “Due to lockdown, I lost my work. I was under depression and was mentally disturbed. At the same time there was also a feeling of helplessness.  Then I went to a psychiatrist with the help and support of my parents. I was undergoing treatment and now I am feeling much better. My parents supported me a lot in this dark phase of mine and fortunately I also got a new work.”

Srikumar Iyer, father of Gopal Iyer says, “ Due to the lockdown we had to bear lots of problems. My son was employed in Bangalore. By the end of last year, he lost his job because of which he was mentally and physically disturbed. He used to be confine to the four walls of his room throughout the day. By seeing his condition, we took him to a doctor.  He was told to take medications and therapies. By God’s grace, he is doing okay now. And because of this reason I want to appeal to all the parents that you should always support your children in their hard and tough times.”

Also according to a survey which was being published in the Times of India, and it was conducted by the International Labour Organization, it was stated there that a large percentage of the men was suffering from depression and they were ranging from the age group of 18-24 years.

 Doctor Roshan Jain, who practices in the Bennerghatta Apollo Hospital and is a renowned psychiatrist states, “ Depression can be very variable. But generally speaking depression can be seen between 10 percent-15 percent of the population. Men specially they do not want to talk about it as there is a stigma attached to mental illness. Also specially in young boys and girls, there is increasing demands on education, demands for succeeding and demands from the parents onto the children causes depression and behavioral problems in young boys.  Also women has got the advantage, as they can express emotionally better than the men do. Work life imbalance, stresses in work, smoking and drinking are some of the major factors causing depression in men. To overcome from this mental state of depression, significant changes in our life-style is utmost important. We need to prioritize our sleep. Waking up early in the morning and exercising at least till forty-five minutes a day are some of the basic steps which we need to inculcate. At the same time reading and listening to music has also proved to be the best therapy apart from the treatment to overcome depression.”

Thus we see that depression is not something which cannot be curable. One needs to open up and share everything with his or her parents and close friends.

 Patient undergoing therapy

Vikrant Sonowal who is a student says, “since the past one year I am trying and working hard to get a government job. Despite putting in sincere efforts, I am not able to crack it. This has affected me badly and I was under the state of depression as I was clueless about my future. At  the same time nor I could step out of my home and neither was I able to meet my friends.  This made my condition worse. I was not able to concentrate on my studies as well.  Seeing my condition my parents also got worried for me. I was mentally tormented, negative thoughts used to hover around my mind. Thus my parents took me to a psychiatrist and currently I am under medications and therapies. “

Sheena Sonowal, mother of Vikrant says, “Seeing my son in such a state I was helpless and broken. He used to stay aloof and silent. He even stopped talking and interacting with me. It was a hard time for all of us. Thankfully, he is little better now and is recovering.”

Thus we see that due to lack of jobs and financial instability it is creating more fear among the mindsets of the people including young and old which is creating more cases of depression.   

Dr. Ajoy Debroy who is a psychiatrist by profession says, “As we all know depression is a psychological condition where the patient feels very low. Now in this present scenario where lockdown is everywhere, and there is a risk of covid and black fungus, the people are scared as a result they are feeling low and depressed. Also lockdown has created a financial turmoil as there is hardly any income and at the same time many people have lost  their jobs too. Thus counseling is a must in this scenario. We generally give medicines but it doesn’t play a major role. Self confidence and the support of the near and dear ones are mandatory.”

The health experts suggest that treatment of depression is none other than the medication. At the same time Psychotherapy also plays a huge role in combating depression and also helps a person who have been suffering from depression to understand themselves better and to deal with the problems in a far better and an efficient manner.   One needs to open up and share everything with his or her parents and close friends. At the same time it is also essential to inculcate a healthy lifestyle which includes exercising, meditation and yoga. Also the mental and emotional support of parents is utmost necessary to cure their child in this condition.


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