Lockdown affects the elderly more than it just seems

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Seniors suffer from arthritis more than ever amidst the lockdown.

Kanpur: Arthritis cases amidst cases of in Kanpur are at an all-time high amidst the pandemic. Doctors and physiotherapists say that the cases have increased by 30% amidst the lockdown. They fear that if the lockdown is exceeded, these cases would more than double amongst the elderly. “I used to go on walks before and my physiotherapist used to come home daily. But because of the lockdown, none of it is possible and my pain has increased. I can’t really go to a clinic either because of the pandemic and the risk of infection”, says retired businessman, Tapan K.

The doctors state that they are receiving more calls, than ever before, from patients regarding the issue. The number of walk-in patients has also increased. “We have definitely seen a steep increase in the number of arthritis cases. The patients must go on walks and exercise regularly but that is not possible given the lockdown,” says, senior Rheumatologist Dr Sandeep K. Shukla.

The experts say that these cases are unavoidable if the lockdown isn’t lifted. They further state that the elderly must continue doing their exercises on their own to avoid falling prey to arthritis. HOD of physiotherapy department, Prof. Shiv Pandit of Kanpur University says, “The job of a physiotherapist must come under essential services. At the end of the day, it is a health facility. Even with the lockdown they must be allowed to come to their patients so that these cases don’t surge like this.”

The physiotherapists association of Kanpur University is now planning on filing a PIL requesting the authorities to allow the physiotherapists to visit their patients amidst the lockdown. The senior citizens still await news that could probably relieve them of their pain.


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