Home Delivery apps see an increase in demand

Business COVID-19 Pandemic

Customers say it is easy to get things delivered sitting at home

Pune:  Home delivery apps like Dunzo and Swiggy Ginie see an increase in demand across India by 60 percent during the lockdown.

Mr Aditya Reddy, a Dunzo partner from Pune says, “There is a lot of demand during the lockdown and we have seen an increase in sales from 30 percent to 60 percent.”

The company officials say there is an increase in demand for grocery delivery and pick up and drop services among the other services they provide. 

Customers say that these delivery apps make it easy for them to get things delivered at home.

Mr.Linesh Butiyani a customer says, “I have been using Dunzo and Uber fleet  for more than two years. It is very easy to order things sitting at home be it be groceries or medicines. Also, sending or picking up things from friends or relatives during the lockdown is easy through these apps.”

The rates for these deliveries depend on the kilometers. It ranges from 25 Rs to 100 Rs or more, he added.

Aditya Reddy, a business analyst says “Because of the lockdown people cannot go out easily and also getting groceries have also become difficult with token system and so. At that time these services help the people sitting at home get this delivered easily.


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