Government schools in Savanur lack basic facilities.

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Sports equipment remains amiss in various schools.

By Hamsaveni N

Government schools in Savanur have poor infrastructure, insufficient classrooms, inadequate teaching staff, and shortage of sports equipment. A few schools lack playgrounds and computer education for students.  

C.N. Hadpada, headmaster of the Government Higher Primary School, Allipura, said, “Although the school has 285 students enrolled, there are only enough benches for classes six to eight. We don’t have a proper compound wall for our schoolwhich results in outsiders spoiling our school premises. The condition of the washrooms is really bad.Sometimes, we face a water scarcity.”

I. S. Heremath, an English teacher working in the same school, added, “Since most villagers are agricultural workers, they take their children to work on the farms. Bringing children to school can sometimes be a challenge for teachers. A few of our classrooms are in need of dire attention. The government should focus on schools situated in rural areas.”

  A single teacher was teaching two different classes together in a single classroom.The English teacher teaches social science as the school doesn’t have a teacher trained in the subject.

Sujatha, a teacher at the Upgraded Government School, Hosaneralagi, said, “A few damaged rooms are under construction. This has forced the management to hold two classes in a single room.”

 “Our students never get to play as we don’t have our own playground. Every year, we hold an annual sports day on a private playground. A few villagers have decided to donate their land to  the school  .”

Ashok Banikal, a mathematics teacher at the Government Higher Primary School, Karadage,said, “We don’t have enough   sports equipment for our students to play outdoor games. Our appeal for two hi-tech washrooms got sanctioned, but we don’t see any work happening as of now. Our classroom roofs leak  and are being constructed.”

M.S. Kaliwala, headmaster of the Government Upgraded Higher Primary School, said, “The total strength in our school is 437. We have just four washrooms, two each for boys and girls. We lack the necessary equipment and teaching staff to implement National Education Policy (NEP).”

Ganesh, who passed out from the government school at Bairapura, said, “If I have to compare the present condition of the school with when I was studying, I would say there is an improvement. The last time our MLA visited our village was during elections in 2018. The condition of schools throughout Savanur taluk is very poor. They need immediate attention. The government school in my village only has one toilet.”

Anand, a parent,said, “I have seen parents struggling to send their kids to private schools for better education because our government schools are not fit for good education…. Only if government schools are good enough will their strength increase.”

C. S. Badiger, a retired professor from Savanur, said, “Education should be one of the major priorities of the government. The focus on rural government schools should be increased. In government schools, teachers are not being assigned to jobs based on their qualifications. The government recruits teachers only if there are vacancies.”

Salimet, Block Education Officer, Savanur, said, “Initially, recruitment was based on degree, but now it is based on subject requirement. A total of 15,000 teachers are currently being recruited in the state;Savanur taluk will fill its teacher vacancies as well.” However, the BEO did not answer other questions.

The Karnataka government allocated Rs 388 crore to education in the budget for 2022-2023.

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