Glass pane accident: School shut till Sunday


Around 50 parents protested inside the school campus on Thursday morning.

Shrinidhi. L, a parent complained, “We pay a huge amount and the quality is terrible. It is an International school for namesake only. Very low standards. We have the right to know what is being done with that amount if they cannot provide safety to our kids.”

The Principal, Rekha Vinod, addressed the parents asking them to cooperate and said that the management is handling the situation.

“This is an unfortunate incident, we cannot over look. There will be a safety audit check that will be run, hence the school will be closed till Sunday and a safety report will be presented to the parents, she said.

Signature campaigns were run, demanding safety measures, improvement of infrastructure, transport facility, cleaner water and sanitation.

Murlidharan, the management head said, “We have a chain of schools and we are planning to run a safety check in all our branches. A meeting consisting of the committee members of the school board and also the construction company will be held. Until then the school is shut.”

He added, “It is not like our school has low standards, this was an accident. Parents are furious which is why they are bringing up trivial issues now. They will be in the loop here, even during the safety check.”

A Class V student, friend of the injured class II girl, said, “While leaving, my friends and I saw blood on the floor and panicked. The school security guard told us to leave the premises; I saw a police car and was confused. I am really worried.” The mishap had occurred at 3:15 PM post school hours while the children were waiting to be picked by their parents and buses.

Neeraj Patil, another parent said, “I was waiting for my son to come out around 3:30 pm, I suddenly heard screams and children running chaotically, the school did not disclose the matter for a very long time; eventually we found out about the incident.”

The Hennur Police said they will be watching  the situation and will provide high security frequently for this month.

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