Farmer suicide on the rise in Karnataka

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The suicide rate among farmers has increased by 30 percent in 2022, compared to 2020.

Unable to recover their invested money, or repay their loans, farmers in Karnataka continue to die by suicide. The increase in suicide among farmers within a span of two years is 30 percent.

Madhe Gowda who is a farmer said that his friend died by suicide as he was unable to make a profit and his family has been waiting for the last six months to receive compensation. Under the farmer suicide compensation scheme..   

Madhe Gowda took a loan of Rs. 50,000 from the bank to dig a borewell, pay for electricity, purchase seeds and fertilizers to sow Jowar, in Neelamangala.  After being able to recover only Rs.20,000 he was not able to make any profits.

Kirti H.R. agricultural officer at department of agriculture said, “In 2021-22 nearly 800 farmers had applied for loan waiver.. Out of which only 250 farmers have benefitted. “ 

Kriti added, “The highest number of suicides is committed by farmers who grew paddy. While many eligible farmers got their loans waived off, others were not eligible as many of them borrow from unofficial sources. When they are unable to pay the loan, they commit suicide.”

Shanta Kumar, president of the state farmer’s association said that loans of many farmers get rejected by the bank and mentioned that the government is unable to stop farmers from committing suicide.

He further added, “Farming is largely part of the unorganized sector in India.  The elected members are not lobbying for the farmers issue. Moreover, bank managers reject loans of small-scale farmers as they have very low CIBIL score.”

While a farmer suffers due to the less crop yield the government says that they are helping them. However, most of the farmers say they are yet to receive the benefits provided by the government.


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