COVID-19: Pune is facing an antibiotics shortage

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Doctors say these are lipophilic antibiotics which is very essential for COVID patients.

Pune:  COVID patients in the city struggle to get antibiotic medicines like doxycycline, azithromycin and ivermectin that are used to treat flu and fungal infections in COVID Patients.  

Mr.  Santosh Khinvasara, President of Chemists Association Pune District (CAPD) say the demand for these have suddenly increased from 50-100 vials to 1000- 5000 vials. The association which has more than 9000 members registered says there is an increase in demand for the medicines by 40 to 50 percent.

Mr. Rahul Shringarpure who was tested positive for COVID last week says “I’m trying for ivermectin medicine from past few days but it is not available online or in any shops across Pune.“

Manufactures say there is an increase in price by 30 percent for the raw materials.  These materials mostly come from China and other neighboring countries.

Mr. Tope Duttaprasad who runs a manufacturing pharmacy company called Indian medicaments and neutraceutaicals say “The raw materials for the medicine is not easily available also the cost for the same has increased from 20000 to 50000.”

Experts on the other hand say because of the economy slowing down, the producers are forced to cut short on their cost.

Mr. Melvin, Secretary of the Indian Drug Manufactures’ Association (IDMA) says that they are trying their best to find an alternative for cheap raw materials so that many small manufactures can produce.


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