Congress blasts al-Qaeda for its praise of Muskan over hijab issue

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Maken says BJP raising non-issues to divert attention

The Congress on Thursday condemned the remark of the al-Qaeda on the hijab controversy in Karnataka. 

“The al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization; it is a banned organization. It has no business commenting on our country’s internal affairs.… We condemn the statements of the organization,” AICC general secretary Ajay Maken said at a press conference in Bengaluru. 

Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri had, in a video, commented on the hijab row praising Mandya student Muskan, who chanted “Allah hu Akbar” when she was hounded by a group of men on the campus of her college. Calling her “a noble lady”, al-Zawahiri asked the Muslims of India to react to the “oppression”. 

Maken blamed the BJP government for the inflation and fuel price increase hike in the country. The government is using communal issues like halal meat and azaan to divert people’s attention from real issues.

Maken urged the BJP to not polarize people as it will affect businesses. 

“Why do you think these issues are coming up now? They want to divert people’s attention from their failure; they want to divert from price hikes, corruption, and unemployment.” 

He announced a nationwide protest against spiraling motor fuel prices. He blamed the BJP for the rising prices. “We have to tell the citizens that we have launched a nationwide protest against the Modi government,” he said.


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