‘We will give a 0% govt’: Kejriwal promises a graft-free Karnataka

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Kodihalli faction of KRRS merges with AAP

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday promised to free Karnataka of corruption.

Addressing a rally of more than 40,000 farmers and AAP members from various districts of Karnataka, he said: “We have performed well in Delhi and Punjab. Now I want to form a government in Karnataka.”

Kejriwal attacked the BJP regime in the state, and sought farmers’ support to overthrow the “40 per cent government”  — referring to allegations that ministers and bureaucrats ask for huge bribes to clear grants and projects.

Speaking in Hindi, the chief minister said: “The previous government was of 20 per cent. The present government is of 40 per cent. We are of 0 per cent (no corruption).”

“The PM raided my offices, my house and even my bedroom, but didn’t find anything. They raided even the ministers in my cabinet but didn’t find anything. At the end, PM gave me a certificate of being non-corrupt.”

About government schools in Delhi, he said: “More than 4 lakh students struck off their names from private schools and got admission to the brilliant government schools. If you want this in Karnataka, only AAP can do it.”

About health infrastructure, Kejriwal said: “It’s free for everyone. From a Crocin to an operation, it is free. All tests and medicines are free.”

Referring to the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, Kejriwal said: “If you want goondagardi, vote them; if you want schools, vote me. If you want riots, vote them; if you want hospitals, vote me.”

The Kodihalli Chandrashekar faction of  the Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS) merged with AAP at the event.

Addressing media, Chandrashekhar said: “KRRS is rejecting the three parties in the state and joining AAP. Our political support and mouthpiece is AAP. After Jayaprakash Narayan, if there’s someone, it’s Arvind Kejriwal.”

The audience was a combination of blue and green. Farmers draped themselves with green gamchhas (towels) and wore the AAP cap.

Anees Soudagar, who manages AAP’s media wing in Belagavi district, informed The Observer: “AAP gives chance to youngsters. It did good in Delhi and now did it again in Punjab.”

About AAP’s presence in the country, he added: “People said we won a lottery in Delhi. But we did it again in Punjab. If it happens twice, it isn’t a lottery. We will make our presence powerful in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat, too, and of course in Karnataka.”

AAP has no plan to make an alliance. “We will not make alliances with anyone. It will take some time to make it on our own, but we will do it,” Soudagar added.

Bhaskar Rao, AAP member and former commissioner of police, Bengaluru, spoke about the newcomers in the AAP government in Punjab. “They did not supply biryani, nor did they supply money. Many services in Delhi are free from the government. Delhi is in a better position.”

About the structure of the party, Rao noted: “Our party is a new party. Farmers, poor, backward, youth, students and minorities, everyone will participate in the next election.”

Prashanti S, an AAP  member, said: “More than 20 seats, or even more, will be won by AAP in the coming Karnataka assembly elections. This is a start. We might replicate what happened in Punjab.”

Maula ML, a farmer leader from Haveri district, said the BJP government made promises to farmers, but did not help them. “Do logon ka sahara hai. Ek Bhagwan ka aur doosra Kodihalli Chandrashekar ka” (We’ve the support of two people: One is God and the other is Kodihalli Chandrashekar), he added.

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