Vegetable prices shoot-up due to lockdown

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Residents are worried as the prices of essential commodities soar high due to COVID-19.

Shreyas Vange

April 13,2020

Due to the lockdown prices of vegetables have gone up. Residents say that it is very expensive for them to buy vegetables on a frequent basis.

Neha Thatte, a resident of ‘Shukrawar Peth, Pune said, “Before the lockdown, the price of 1 kg tomato was Rs 40. But now, it has doubled to Rs 80. Prices of coriander were Rs 10, but now it has soared to Rs 50. The vendor told me that they cannot get vegetables from the main market of Pune as it has been sealed due to the lockdown. So, it is expensive for me to buy vegetables. Even the income of my husband has stopped due to the lockdown.”

Market.TodayPriceRates,a tracker of everyday rates in the market, the price of 1 KG tomato in Pune should range between Rs 28 to Rs 30. Price of 1 KG potato should range between Rs 39 to Rs 43 and the price of 1 KG coriander should range between Rs 10- Rs 11.

Sanjay More, PRO, Pune Municipal Corporation, said, “The retailers are finding it difficult to get vegetables as the main market is sealed and even from elsewhere, it is difficult to get vegetables. Hence, mostly, vegetables retailers are increasing the price.”

R C Lahoti, Chairman of APMC Committee, FKCCI said, “Due to the lockdown, firstly the supply chain has become very weak. So, there is no adequate supply of vegetables and essential commodities. Secondly, the retailers have to pay more than the actual rate to get vegetables. Therefore, the price of vegetables and essential commodities has increased. Lifting the lockdown and improving the supply chain is the only solution.”

Feature Image Credits- India Today


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