The new national party wanting to break ground


Bangalore, April 10, 2018: With huge posters throughout the city and advertisement on almost every website, you can’t miss MEP’s presence.  Registered as a National party in 2014 with its symbol of a Diamond, MEP is the brain child of Dr.Nowhera Shaikh, an entrepreneur of Heera Group of Companies. The inception of the party is motivated seeing the corrupt socio-political system, says party spokesperson Siraj Jafferi.

Party spokesperson Siraj Jafferi says,“The party plans to contest elections on all the 224 seats in Karnataka and we are also planning to contest the 2019 general elections in the nation. We have pan Karnataka policies with special focus on farmers. Dr. Shaikh promises interest free loans to the farmers and plans institutes to enhance the agricultural skills and technology.”

Working as a social reformer since twenty years she has also worked to rescue people from the gulf and helped the Uri attack victims.

The main focus of the party is to provide free education to all right from LKG to post-graduation level.

“Mahila empowerment party will change the nation and its journey will start from Karnataka,”claims Mr. Jafferi.

Dr. Nowhera Shaikh will not contest elections from any seat as of now.

Mr. Jafferi states, “The motto of the MEP is to give equal representation to women and secondly give 50 percent electoral seats to women candidates. Whoever approaches us, seeing their credentials we are choosing those women as candidates.”

He also states that the candidates bring their own funds. The party will release its Manifesto and list of 224 candidates by 12 of April.

In 2014, Enforcement Directorate conducted searches on Hyderabad branch of Heera Group of Companies booked under Foreign Exchange Management Act(FEMA). The Company has its branches in Saudi Arabia, Ghana, China,Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates.

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