Premier Futsal league disrupts other sports at Koramangala Indoor Stadium


The Premier Futsal League that was held between the 19 to 24th September at the Koramangala Indoor Stadium saw a disruption of other sports activities like Shooting and Fencing.

Kushal S.K, a Shooting coach at the Nissan Shooting Sports Academy, said that the officials from the league had kept air-conditioners outside the range, the heat coming out of which had chances of damaging equipments like shooting jackets, worth Rs. 30000.

He added that the air-conditioners were switched on at 2:30 P.M and took full effect by 6 P.M, before which shooters had to leave the range, at 5:30 P.M, as opposed to the scheduled time of 7:30 P.M

He also added that during the course of those five days, the number of shooters, coming to practice, had reduced from 20 to three.

The effects were also seen in fencing , as the coach, Mr. Lakshmish stated that after initially allowing the fencers to practice at the venue in the morning, the Futsal officials later told them that the fencers could only enter the venue only after 3:30 P.M.

Prashanth, the Operations Manager for the league said, the reason for placing the air-conditioners near the academy was because they didn’t have  enough space to place them anywhere else and admitted that they were kept there without consulting anyone at the academy.

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