Pakistanis stuck in India yearn for home

COVID-19 International

Around 188 Pakistanis are stranded in various parts of India due to the lockdown over COVID-19. Some have returned home via the Attari-Wagah border. 

Sheikh Saquib

Pakistani nationals who were visiting friends in India or had come for pilgrimage and medical check-ups are stuck here due to the ongoing lockdown. India is, however, helping them by collaborating with the High Commission of Pakistan. 

Mr Jawad Ali, a counsellor for the High Commissioner of Pakistan, said, “Around 41 Pakistani nationals are returning home via Attari-Wagah border while more than 145 Pakistani are stranded in India.”

Mr Sandeep Kumar, Deputy Secretary of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), said, “The Pakistanis who were stranded in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh have crossed Attari-Wagah border today at 10 A.M.”

A video posted on twitter earlier this month showed people from Pakistan complaining of being stuck here and facing the shortage of money. 

A person in the crowd, “We are really tensed. Where do we go and where do we stay? We don’t have any money.” 

Mr Khawaja Maaz, Press Attache, Pakistan High Commission informed, “It is difficult for us to get all citizens out of India as different states have different rules during the lockdown. The Ministry of External Affairs is helping us in getting them back by writing letters to these states.”

The Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) has recommended the foreign nationals in India to apply for a visa extension online. 


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