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Missing a loved one who is far away

COVID-19 Diary

Tamanna Yasmin

The ongoing lockdown has affected everybody’s life in one way or the other. With the sudden announcement of the lockdown, a lot of people got stuck wherever they were. The same happened with my father, who lives in Nadia, West Bengal, due to his business. With no transport available, he was unable to return to Kolkata. My mother and I hoped to fight this difficult situation in the company of my father, but fate had a different plan.

To follow social distancing, my father had to ask the maid to not come to work. He has to do all household chores. A person who barely knew how a kitchen looks like has to cook for himself. It is not easy for this senior citizen and diabetes patient. Not eating on time could be harmful for him as he depends on insulin injections. Like other businesses, his business has shut down due to the lockdown. This, too, can adversely affect him.

We worry about him constantly. We keep checking on him through phone calls, but that does not feel enough. There is a possibility that he would hide a few things from us as he would not want us to worry.

My mother and I feel helpless that we cannot be with him in this trying time; and I have no doubt he feels the same. We don’t know when the lockdown will end and when we will be able to see him again. I am sure we are not alone; a lot of families are separated from their loved ones. However, like everything else, this too shall pass. We will get through it.


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